Teesta Rangeet is a poetry journal published bi-monthly.We hope to come up with an anthology in print after every five issues. The editors in the journal are dedicated to nurturing poets and fostering an environment for poetry to thrive. Founded by Dweep Mustang, this is an initiative to reach out to both the established and the emerging writers, with an emphasis to review the current trends in Nepali writing both in the Nepali community of India and other diasporic places from where Nepali poets write. 

However we also dearly welcome writers from  around the world to contribute and engage in this dialogic dream of commingling voices and narratives.The journal has been motivated by an awareness of the marginalized voices of Nepali poets in the mainstream literary and historiographic narrative of India.We are also ready to entertain translations of Nepali poems and short stories, essays and book reviews(emphasis on Nepali fiction). You can drop in your suggestions and support us. 

We are looking for poetry that is original - feed us both raw and cooked meals (to use Lowell`s words). Every word and punctuation should matter in the poem. Thank you.

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                                                            Gangtok, Sikkim.