Different land, 
yet same issues,
same terror, same horror.
Bamboozling faces everywhere, 
same acts of alienation and disparity, 
between nations and people.
Ideological chase of cats and dogs.

Beleaguered boarders,
busy in snatching a piece of territory,
from the common earth.
Child cowers in one corner,
mother cries –coz of horrible sounds,
of tanks, rifles and bombardments.
-Draconian laws of each nation.

‘We have marked our territory.’
- cries a killjoy soldier.
Passionate of killing a brother.
Crocodile eyed soldier,
-searching yet more prey.
Yes, this is the war of identity,
this is the war of territory.
-And death of all enemies,
mark the victory of these beasts.

Yes these forces cold and brute,
stamping humanity on the feet.
They claim the mastery of battles
neither scared of enemies nor death.

Now we don’t want to be alienated,
for life is not about becoming hero only.
We don’t want enjoyment of self gratification.
Or a happy feeling grabbed by annexation.
We want to rejoice now,
we are waiting for a capricious day.
Where a scene of carnage will no longer exist.
Harmonious living will reach at acme.


Yugal Kishore Khanal is an amateur poet from Soreng, West Sikkim(India). An anthology of his poems is soon to be published. Apart from writing poetry, he also maintains a blog (YUGAL EXPRESS)