Tones Of Gray

Give me graphite
smooth writing 
grey tones
which scrape pages
with pulsating 
pleasure full
sound whispers

Those best heard
in the dead of night
by candlelight 
reflecting off 
dream visions
of grand possibility

Give me pink nubs
to rub-wash
that deemed 
gum litter
disposed of by 
brush of hand

Give me sharpener
not cheap nor
but that whose 
blades deft sureness
curls the grain
bringing wafts of
virgin wood scent and 
exposing point of tip
to thoughts

Give me reams 
of paper
on which to pull 
points across
with swoops and whirls
as though within
a graceful 
word ballet

Give me candle flicker
surrounded by 
soft stillness
so I may hear
the whispers 
of muse
and deliver
the tones 
of her brushstrokes


Tracie Skarbo was raised in Vancouver Island, Canada, and lives there presently with her family. She has appeared in several of the “Chicken Soup for my Soul” books, “In the Company of Women” anthology and Tracie's book of personal poems “Harmonious Flight” is available at                          To contact Tracie you can Email her at