Coarse sand
Settles on skin
Like faux fur
On soft hands

Zephyr of dust
Pirouettes through the air
As mortars whistle in the distance
Absorbing the sounds of hunger and despair

Worms festering
In outstretched bellies
Care not for who owns whose land

In the fight for power and control
Victory parades
Surrender its grandeur
Amongst dead souls


If we should meet in another life

If we should meet in another life

The end of time shall begin
Sending the moon into a cardiac spin

Ocean`s lips shall kiss dry land
Growling, whilst feasting on its sand

The meeting of our glazed eyes
Shall plot the star`s demise

Leaves barely able to hold on to its meek stems
Desperately trying to protect earth’s gems

Such a union of hearts
Opens a portal to the apocalypse

Freeing the ominous night
Unleashing its darkness onto daylight

If we should meet in another life


I carry the burden of my tribe
Ancestors speak
People sing their praises
Dark moon rises
Innocence drowns in vapour
Ancestors a memory
Praises lost forever
The new norm pressed upon me
I vow to lead the rebellion
Proudly carry the burden

And create my own choir 


Yoshira Marbel is from Africa and has been published in several magazines and Journals including botsotso, dark gothic resurrected magazine, decanto magazine, the poetry box, stellar showcase journal, tuck magazine.