Where is god ? 

I think for a god
he is in my soul
I look into my soul
and can not find the god
god is else where, not in my soul
it is in sands, stones and ugly peak of the mountain
it is in devastated brain, it is inside the tomato sauce, or even
it is inside the half boiled egg, and inside the wheels of a cart, plane wings

it is where ever but certainly not there where a mercy counts,
or the poor dying of hunger, a person's very bad luck
it is not there where men are shot and shelled
not there where women are tortured
it is not there in the soul
it is there in vain
in the book
with the


Sanjay Kumar Jha is from Nepal and holds a master`s degree in English from Tribhuwan Unversity. He is now currenly working as a Poet and Editor in the online magazine Misty Mountain Review, Poets with voices strong, Written Off, Garden of words etc.