That man –

so small, that he takes up too much space

in your head.

Sometimes longhaired.

Sometimes shorthaired.

Always dark-haired.

He looks like a little monkey,

that man who never leaves his wife’s side

such a small woman that she takes up  

too much space in his head.

That man –

wants so badly to be big,

So take it from me:                                               

make that man’s dream come true –

imagine him big

and get rid of him.

                                                    - Translated from Bulgarian by Angela Rodel 


Ivanka Mogilska was born in 1981. She studied theater directing аt the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts and graduated in public relations from the Sofia University. She is the author of the collection of poetry Otherwise (Janet 45 Print and Publishing, 2010), the novel Hideaways (Janet 45 Print and Publishing, 2007), and the collection of poetry DNA (Janet 45 Print and Publishing, 2004). 

In 2005, DNA won the Pegasus Award for a Poetic Debut at the Southern Spring Competition in Sofia. In 2008, Hideaways was selected by the European First Novel Festival, part of the International Book Festival in Budapest. Ivanka has read her works at the Bulgarian Cultural Center in Budapest and in Pecz, Hungary. In 2010, she took part in the Universal Meetingor Tales on the Phone project as a writer of tales. Later, the tales were published in a collection. In 2011, she took part in the creation of the performance “DNA of Words” or an instrument for playing poetry along with the artist Albena Baeva.  http://www.sifon4o.blogspot.com