I washed my hair tonight
just for you to sink in his blackness
the night is our cover
hidden under her stars,
we drink the bitter sweet poison
I washed my hair tonight
just for you to play our song
attached to our most beloved comet
the evening news watched on a very blue screen
showed us how love is a tornado in spring
who cares?!
I washed my hair tonight
just for you

Keep me quiet..

Don't ask for sweet words, sweet lies...
I could ramble for hours
till my mouth gets dried up
You'll ought to cover it in kisses
just to liberate your ears
from my on going song of love

Keep me quiet
keep me just with my eyes
wide, lost in yours

Don't ask for sweet words, sweet lies
I have thousands of those
to wash your life of any pain
to sink you in a swamp of love

Don't ask for me to build new worlds...
pink, fluffy clouds
blue, circular rings of fire
rain that induce the ice cream flavor on my skin
Don't ask.. I just might... our bliss

Drink more wine
sip it slowly
let it slide into you
let it embrace you in its kiss
drink more wine
stare in my eyes while the warmth
starts inflaming your blood
wine in our kisses
wine in our touches
drink more wine
death, the virgin
would run away, maybe
or would she come faster to our feast
envious of our bliss?
wine in our breath
wine in our sleep
drink more wine...


Your smooth touch...
your eye is dressing me with white feathers
slowly, slowly you're shrouding me
as a tomcat in search of a victim
You dance a mad dance on the edge of the lip
Sniffed by a hungry beast
I dare, I squeeze, I run ...
you tenderly besiege  my figure
and craving, you sip the very proper  prey
Thousands suns seem to smile to me
Now that I give in to you,
Abandoned in...

This fall

The autumn gently drips its sunset

the sound is slightly changed

the light is sweeter, caressing even

all sharp things are getting smoother

a smell is haunting me, or just a memory

or just a vague craving for the snow...

or all are  fears tattooed on my heart

where the blizzards left their mark 

or even better

under my skin I found the snow man

the one and only surviver of  melancholy

this fall

The autumn slightly changed my light

the silence will fill the birds' wings

soon I will hear the falling leaves

soon I will melt in the snow man within

this fall


Iulia Gherghei, an amateur poet from Romania, graduated from University of Bucharest, Technology of information. Her poems have been published in anthologies edited by Brian Wrixon, Barry Mowles, Mutiu Olawuyi.