They say it rained yesterday 

Putting the flames to rest

As if overnight someone 

Ran an undercover operation 

Wiping all evidence and allaying our fears.

But the pelting of stones and

The broken glasses tell a different tale.

The anxious faces that stared sleepless

Through shattered windows at a blackened sky 

With a chalk of cloud writing

For my people that tonight no fire

Would burn in their eyes.

Darkness edging precariously

Suspending twilight`s resplendence.

Exhumed by this black sky

Here I wait with an incensed pen 

By the window pane

Of the vandalized media house.

And an inferno opens another sky

The horizon bleeding crimson fuel 

And billion blinking Junkeris with

Ruby eyes paint our grievances 

Rallying our troops on our silenced streets

Reviving our hopes 

Ancient flames approaching an intense resonance

Till my incensed pen is mighty enough

To write words like Freedom and Justice 

And send it in an envelope

To the rabble-rousers and rioters.


Dweep Mustang is the author of the Book "The Sanctum of Art" - Madness & Creativity. He is currently working as a Journalist cum Columnist for Sikkim Express "A Sikkimese daily". He is in the Editorial team of The Applicant. He is also the founder of the All India Gorkha Readers' and Writers' Federation