Not knowing

That even stones would flower,

Boulders would bloom the florets of patience

And winds would bear the fruits of time

In love…


Not knowing that ice burns

And fire flows in the green meadows

When doubts are let to ripen

In love…


Not knowing my dreams have wings

My hopes like feathers one day would fly

And I

But, would be a bird waxed of torments

Whose cravings for you lay asphyxiated

In love… 


Not knowing that my silence

One day would rather swim with the tides

Of heart’s choking flames than hazily freeze

In the crazy cushion of its selfishness…

In love…


Not knowing my reluctant heart would

Someday profusely bleed smokes of ignorance;

Bountifully bleed currents of love for you

In the maelstroms and shivers of wintry night hours,

And plenteously heave the streams of love for you

In the blazing dog-days of scorching summer

In love…


I endured to be so oblivious of this stark fact-

I endured to be so oblivious of this pinning truth-

That I’m in love with you

And will always be. 


Dom Kafley is an amateur poet originally writing poetry in English and resides in Adelaide, South Australia. Born in Bhutan and brought up in Nepal, he is preparing to call Australia his home. An avid reader, travel bug and literature enthusiast by nature, he is pursuing civil engineering and can be reached at