Your Coming 


You came into my life like a setting sun,

Diluting the bright blue eyes; carefully stripping the skin,

Scattering the broken bones in the soundless space,

I arise.


I arise as a Spaceman, floating well,

Discomfort knits love around the weightless wrist,

I survey the universe and galaxies,

I am free from you.


I am free at last,

There’s no beginning or ending,

I am a constant dot,

I am a dot.


I am a dot, irreplaceable and incomprehensible,

Sun and others from Andros Galaxy

Surround me like a setting sun, reminding me of you

I am brighter blue though; your memory fades like the last painful ray.


Daniel Song (born Sept 19, 1986) is a Nepali poet, writer and editor from Kathmandu, Nepal. Edge, his first poetry book was published on 2011 and launched on January 24, 2012, novella The Lost Boys of Kathmandu as ebook format in on May 30, 2012 and Poems on Sikkim. His early poems have appeared in The Kathmandu Post, The Weather Report, and poems selected and published in Journeys(anthologies by Sampad), Happy Birthday to Me (anthology by The Asian Writer) and Inspired by Tagore (anthology by Sampad). He's also regularly featured in MadSwirl and is the founding-editor for The Applicant.