What type of poem am I? 

I am as formless as the clouds, 
and as elegiac as the silence, 
in the itinerary of the noise. 

I am not a classic 
written by the author, God. 
The rhythms of my verses are supplied 
by the parable of their tears. 

I am not in me, 
though I abide within myself. 
I am but a colour, 
whose colours have worn away. 

Maybe I was written as 
an ethical effect of modern art. 
Or maybe I was not written 
but just replicated from the lives of others. 

I wish I could read the critics’ minds. 
Is it true that a poem cannot read anyone? 
I loathe the way they recite me,
pretending to understand me. 

Maybe I am 
the monologue of my rhymes. 
Or maybe I am 
the narrative of my own life. 

However much they hate me, 
I am that poetry they can’t write. 
I am the phantom of the world 
crawling, with a rose in the hand 
in the boulevard of the thorns. 

However much they praise me, 
I am only a drop of verse 
drawn up by time 
to become the formless clouds 
in the wilderness of the literary sky. 

O Poet! O my maker! 
What type of poem am I? 
O strangers! O my readers! 
What sort of poem am I? 

I wish I could read myself 
and discern my spirit. 
Is it true that a poem 
cannot read a poem? 

“Am I a poem?” 
or am I just a rhymed hoax? 

This cyclic curiosity goes on eternally. 
I am lost in a synthesis between 
the dualism of my readers 
and the monism of my maker. 

No one knows what it is like to be a poem. 
No one knows how vague its core is. 
There is nothing as genuine as me. 
There is nothing as deceptive as me.



Bhuwan Thapaliya is the author of four collections of poetry, the most recent, “Safa Tempo: Poems New and Selected” was published by Nirala Publications, New Delhi in 2011. He works as an economist. Poetry by Thapaliya has been included in The New Pleiades Anthology of Poetry and Tonight: An Anthology of World Love Poetry, as well as in literary journals such as Urhalpool, MahMag, Kritya, FOLLY, The Vallance Review, Nuvein Magazine, Foundling Review, Poetry Life and Times, Poets Against the War, Voices in Wartime, Taj Mahal Review, and more.