Let me soil you for once.

Allow my soiling body 

to inscribe itself,

- to realize itself-

and overwrite

your overwhelming corporeality.

Nay, have I confounded you?

This soiling business isn`t unique,

isn`t novel.

I contaminate your kitchen, your worship with menstrual blood.

I am filth.

I seduce you away from sainthood.


I render your performance compromised, complicit.

I am a cumbersome baggage.

Allow my corruption due credit, credibility and recognition,

so that

you cannot evade

- my t-r


immanent within -

your overwritten self



Immanence (II)


When you enter me,

I am bewildered

to recognize your subjectivity

always already immanent in my own.

I attempt to fathom this repression,

as I find myself capable of becoming you.

A richer sense of self - he and she make me

as I accept, nurture, repeat and incorporate you

within me.


When you barge into me,

Invade, Intrude, Penetrate so as to know, encompass, overpower,

I slip out of you,


you gaze,

turn into stone and 


At times I un-repeat, un-become myself.

And in your attempts to capture me,

I find your subjectivity flustered, marked and 

terribly afraid 

to recognize 

and repeat itself.


Anamika Purohit recently completed her Masters in English Literature - Honours with Research from the University of Mumbai. She enjoys the process of engagement when it comes to Literature, Cinema, conversations or composition.