Connaught Place

A decadent backyard

dug up, war-torn 

without a war

full of flesh, garbage

and machines

starched bones 

covered in human skin

scattered on the cracked sidewalks

waiting for redemption 

nearby stray dogs in slumber.

Qutub Minar


poetry in the sky

unrivalled flight

or a feast

a toast to time

a tower of victory

or a calligraphic feat.

Alai Minar

Unfinished emblem

of human ambition

unquenched thirst

of an earnest emperor

I could not become

the Qutub's rival.

Lal Qila

Fading reflection

in mirage

of Delhi


of a nation's destiny

a prison

a passage 

a pilgrimage.

Delhi Auto Rickshaw

Green on yellow 

triangle on wheels

criss-crossing Delhi

as a kite soaring 

against the wind

carrying the city

on wings.


Withdrawn and sulky

I flow past Delhi

like dark silver

caressing the city shores

draining darkness 

from Delhi's soul.


Abhay Kumar is an Indian poet, artist and diplomat. He has published five collections of poetry viz. Enigmatic Love (2009), Fallen Leaves of Autumn (2010), Candling the Light (2011), Remains (2012) and Seduction of Delhi. He has been honoured with the SAARC Literature Award for his contribution to contemporary South Asian Poetry and nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2013.